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Language programe

Our school offers a vibrant multilingual enviroment where curricular languages – English, Spanish and Catalan – are seamlesly integrated. Developed with input from a mulitingual professionals and neuro-linguists, our program supports children’s language development and congitive growth. Beyond the classroom, our diverse community enriches the linguistic experience with a variety of languages, foresting cultural awareness and communication skills.

Our Linguistic Approach

We prioritze a holistic linguistic approach that integrates multiple languages into our daily curriculum.

Key strategies to support language learning.

1. OPOL (One Person, One Language) approach. The two English language referents consistently use English, providing chlidren with continuous and consistent exposure to the language. This is particulary beneficial in early childhood when children are developing their foundational language skills. This approach helps children associate a specific language with a persona, making it easier to acquire vocabulary and understand the language structure naturally and effectively. 

2. Code-Switching approach with the Guide, who alternates between Spanish and Catalan. This method allows for the natural switching between languages in appropiate contexts, which is crucial for developing adaptative communication skills. By being exposed to situations where language switching occurs naturally, children learn to navigate and adapt to different linguistic contexts. This not only improves their proficency in both languages but also enhances their ability to understand and use multiple languages in everyday life, promoting congnitive flexibility and multifaceted thinking. 

3. Additionally, we implement Time and Place strategy, designating specific times of the day when all three teachers use English. This is aimed at working more specifically on certain aspects of the foreign language. This focused immersion help students develop specific competencies in English. Tmporal immersion also helps consolidate learning and improve fluency.


Combination of strategies

This combination of strategies provides a comprenhensive framework for multilingual education, ensuring that students can thrive linguistically. By integrating these methods, we create a rich and diverse linguistic environment that fostres the children’s language and cognitive development, preparing them for a multilingual  world. 

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