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In the initial years, a child forms the essential components of their personality and character, establishing the mental frameworks and attitudes they will hold into adulthood. Within the Infant Community, children develop decision-making skills, persistence, self-discipline, and a sense of accomplishment, learning also to be mindful of others’ needs. These attributes aren’t directly taught; instead, they naturally manifest in a diverse community of varying ages, guided by adults who intertwine affection with a profound understanding of child development.


The Infant Community provides a delicate initiation into social life outside of the family realm. In a nurturing and constructive environment where respect and trust are generously bestowed upon the children, they naturally respond with curiosity and engagement in their activities. Gradually, a collective of young children blossoms into a thriving community.

Learning areas

The curriculum is structured around four pivotal areas: Hand-eye Coordination, Practical Life, Language, and Art.

Hand-eye Coordination: This section presents an array of activities, ranging from basic geometric puzzles to more intricate tasks like sewing and gluing, catering to your child’s intrinsic need to master their bodily movements, particularly the hands, a remarkable aspect of human functionality.

Practical Life: This segment is enriched with genuine day-to-day tasks such as sweeping, preparing snacks, plant care, dishwashing, window cleaning, and flower arrangement. It fosters a child’s inherent desire for independence in personal care, allowing them to flourish in autonomy within a supportive environment.

Language: This component comprises object and picture cards that represent the child’s immediate and broader surroundings, along with a collection of captivating books. Language vibrantly unfolds through daily activities incorporating songs, poems, and stories, resonating with the children’s interests while also echoing the cultural nuances like varying seasons and festivals.

Art: This domain encompasses activities such as painting, working with chalk, crayons, and clay, and also nurtures a child’s introduction to the musical world.

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