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Educational approach


Our mission

Encourage children to explore, experiment, and discover their maximum potential, allowing them to fully develop all aspects of their being in a place where they feel loved, and respected – a place that feels like home.


At our school, English, Spanish, and Catalan coexist as the vehicular languages. Children seamlessly use all three languages, especially in their daily oral communication.  Our international community brings a rich linguistic environment.


Individual presentations are central to the learning experience. Personalized attention allows each child to progress at their own pace. These one-on-one interactions foster engagement, joy in learning, and a love for exploration, creating a nutruring environment where children thrive.

We believe

We believe the child’s needs are articulated as:

“Help me to do it for myself” in the first plane of development (children aged 0-6 years)
“Help me to think for myself” in the second plane of development (children aged 6-12 years)

Mixed ages

In Montessori classrooms, mixed-age groups foster a sense of community, cooperation, and mutual support among students. Older children act as mentors and role models, while younger ones learn from observing and interacting with their peers. 


Qualified teachers, AMI-trained guides, meticulously design indoor and outdoor environments to inspire and encourage children to pursue their educational interests. A prepared adult takes on the roles of a facilitator, observer, and guide each child’s individual development.

Work cycle

In Montessori, the uninterrupted work cycle refers to a period of focused, self-directed activity for the children, typically lasting around three hours. During this time, they engage in chosen tasks and explore materials that align with their interests and developmental needs. The uninterrupted work cycle fosters concentration, independence, and a love for learning.

Our values

The school's values focus on emotional development and self-esteem in childhood, influencing healthy growth and the formation of positive relationships throughout life. It centers on creating a safe and supportive environment, promoting continuous learning and comprehensive care for each individual within a positive community.
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